02 February HT Handout -Always Remember Him
02 February HT Handout -Always Remember Him

02 February HT Handout -Always Remember Him

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I used the following quotes to make the handouts

Remember Jesus Christ:
Read scriptures about how the Savior served and showed love toward others. How do you feel His love? How can you serve and show love toward others like the Savior did?

Remember what you need to do better:
Reflect on your past week with a repentant heart. Choose one thing you can change, and write down how you'll make that improvement. Put your goal somewhere you'll see it often.

Remember the progress you are making:
Ask God to help you see the good progress you're making. Record how you feel.

The Savior knows your challenges. He knows what it is like to have the cares of life press upon you. He knows how urgently you need the blessing that comes from always remembering Him and obeying Him-"that [you] may always have his Spirit to be with [you]" (D&C 20:77; emphasis added).

So, He welcomes you back to the sacrament table each week, once again offering you the chance to witness before Him that you will always remember Him.

If you want to go all here is a 4x6 Photo Book you could have printed up and give to the children in your family, it is great as a Quite Book at church, or when ever.

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