I Am a Child of God bottle cap printable
I Am a Child of God bottle cap printable

I Am a Child of God bottle cap printable

i am a child of god bottle cap blue chv sm

I Am a Child of God bottle cap printable – For a necklace or Zipper pull

This is a cute idea I saw on Facebook from http://www.facebook.com/babybooksandmorebyamy, she sales them, so if you want to buy them done go there!!

Here is a great source for the bottle caps


I figured some would like to make them, so I have added some 4 x 6 images with the image on them, I made this to print a photo store, since using this much ink would get pricy! So download them and send them as a photo then

use a 1″ circle punch to cut them out! I used double sided tape to hold them on to the bottle cap, when I made some for the young women (Stand Ye In Holy Places Necklace ) then added the clear bubble top ( I need

to go find mine and see what they are really called )

Anyway I hope you enjoy!

 iamachildofgod bottle cap

To download these, just click on the image you want, then save that image, that is the high quality image, and will print as a photo nice!


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