Poems from past Friend Magazines about Baptism


Boyd K. Packer penned this

Washed Clean (Friend, Apr. 1999, inside front cover)

If we could only understand

All we have heard and seen,

We’d know there is no greater gift

Than those two words-“Washed clean!”

Baptism (Friend, Oct. 1974, p.5)

“Me, my Lord, baptize Thee?

Why comest Thou to me?”

And John the Baptist bowed his head

In deep humility.

But Jesus said with a gentle smile,

“Let your heart be still.

Suffer it to be so now,

All righteousness fulfill.”

So down the Jordan’s shallow bank

Christ went with humble grace.

Into the stream John lowered Him

With wonder on his face.

When from the water Jesus came,

The heavens opened above.

God’s holy Spirit came to earth,

A gift of His great love.

And now, my child, your turn has come,

You have been baptized too.

The Light of Christ is in your face

For all the world to view.

My Baptism (Friend, May 1996, p.46)

Today I took a closer step

to be with Heavenly Father.

I humbly walked down five white steps

and into clean, clear water.

My loving daddy took my hand

to help me stand up straight-

Just as he has through all my life

till now when I am eight.

My daddy showed me what to do-

breath deep, then hold your nose-

And baptized me with priesthood power

and smiled when I arose.

Tomorrow I’ll take another step

to be with Heavenly Father.

My daddy, uncles, grandpas, too,

will all around me gather.

They’ll lay their hands upon my head,

bless me, and say, “Amen,”

Then the Holy Ghost will be my guide

If I but follow Him