Explanation of the “Arrow of Light” Award

An Explanation of the “Arrow of Light” Award

Extracted from Tomahawk District Roundtable, March 96 (Boulder Dam Area Council)

1 – The arch is the sun rising at daybreak. Starting another week of scouting.

2 – The 1st ray is Sunday – a day of worship and developing of a Scout’s spiritual life.

3 – The 2nd ray is Monday – a day for improving my relationship with my family.

4 – The 3rd ray is Tuesday – a day for developing good habits, good attitude, and good citizenship.

5 – The 4th ray is Wednesday – a day for strengthening the ability to get along with others and to respect other people.

6 – The 5th ray is Thursday – the day for personal achievements by developing new interests and skills.

7 – The 6th ray is Friday – the day to work on good sportsmanship and pride in growing strong in mind and body.

8 – The 7th ray is Saturday – a day for fun and finding new things to do.

9 – This gives us seven rays of sun to brighten our week. The arrow is to remind us to continue to go straight on the pathway of Scouting and in Life.

Putting all these together, we have the Arrow of Light, the highest award in Cub Scouting. Tonight we have with us (#) Webelos who have completed the requirements and are ready to receive this prestigious award. Would _______ and your parents please come forward.

Parents, since you were so instrumental in your son’s reaching this goal, I would like to give you the honor and priviledge of presenting him with the last award that he will receive as a Cub Scout.

Boys, wear these Arrows of Light with Pride – you have earned them well. Pack, let me present to you our newest recipients of the Arrow of Light.