Faith in God- Cub Correlation packet
Faith in God- Cub Correlation packet

Faith in God- Cub Correlation packet

Thank you to Dawnetta for putting this together!

Dear Parents and Cub Leaders,
This is a compilation of several sources that have tried to align the Faith in God program with the Cub Scout program. Many Faith in God requirements are more in-depth than the Cub Scout requirements. These sheets can help den leaders and parents see where the two programs overlap to help plan activities and pass off requirements for both the Faith in God and Cub Scout programs. For example, one Faith in God requirement is to learn about budgeting and tithing, read scriptures, pay tithing, and begin saving for a mission; while the Cub Scout requirements center mainly on budgeting and money management. This means that if a boy has completed the Faith in God requirement, he has also completed the Cub Scout requirement, but completing the Cub Scout requirement does not necessarily mean he has completed the Faith in God requirement.
This list is intended as a starting point for ideas. It is not comprehensive and does not include all possible ideas to complete Faith in God requirements. Nor is this list intended to take away from the inspiration of Scout leaders in planning activities.
To make the implementation of both programs easier, you could go through your Scouting book and highlight and write in corresponding Faith in God code words by it. Then if you have a choice between two requirements, you will know that you can also pass off or almost pass off something in your Faith in God book as well. If something further needs to be done for the Faith in God requirement, you could talk about the connecting points or have parents follow up to complete it. Hopefully, this helps to make the connection between these two programs easier and more clear.
There are four other sheets with this packet. The first sheet looks at the program from the Faith in God perspective with all Cub requirements referenced back to the Faith in God program. The next sheets give the exact same information only specific to one of the Cub years and from the Cub perspective. That way you can turn to your Cub book and see how it overlaps with the Faith in God program. This also makes it easier for marking your books to show which requirements overlap.
I hope this helps you as you try to help your boys complete the Faith in God program. It is a great program that will help create wonderful boys and then incredible men. God bless!

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