Dress Up Relay


Have one complete outfit for each team, include pants, shirt, ties, hats, jackets, and shoes.  Adult clothing is suggested so they will be big enough to fit over the boys’ clothing.  Split each team into two parts, have one half of the team in a line on one side of the room and the other half of the team on the other side of the room, place a pile of clothes at the beginning of one side of the team.  To start the game the first person in line must put on all the clothes in the pile, button shirts, tit ties, and zip pants, tie shoes, etc., he then runs to the other side of the room where he must take everything off and the person at the beginning of the other line must do the same, keep going until all the boys on the team have worn the clothes.  After each boy has had a turn, he must go to the end of the line and sit down.  First team all sitting, wins.