Map Game

Map Game


Post a map of the USA on the wall.  Have red, white, and blue round stickers ready.  As people arrive at the pack meeting, give each person a sticker.  Ask them to write their name on the sticker and put it on the place they would most like to visit (a place they haven’t been yet).  During the meeting, between programs (between ceremony and skit, for example), call out a few names and ask them why they want to visit the places they picked.  Repeat throughout the meeting.  (Have one or two adults knowledgeable in US geography stay with the map to assist people in finding their places.)

 Follow Instructions





How To Follow Instructions


  1. Read everything before doing anything, but work as rapidly as you can.

  2. Put your name in the upper right hand corner of this paper, last name first.

  3. Circle the word “name” in sentence two.

  4. Underline the words “upper right hand” in sentence two.

  5. In sentence four, draw a circle around the word “underline”.

  6. Now, draw a circle around the title of this paper.

  7. Sign your name under the title.

  8. Write the name of your capital city ________________.

  9. Underline all of sentence seven.

  10. Draw an “X” in the lower left hand corner of this paper.

  11. Draw a circle around the “X” you just drew.

  12. Write the name of your city _____________________.

  13. Draw a circle around the word “capital city” in sentence eight.

  14. Speak out loud your first name when you get to this point.

  15. If you think you have followed directions to this point, call out “I have”.

  16. Write the name of your school _______________________.

  17. Close your eyes and raise your left hand over your head.

  18. Count out loud in your normal speaking voice backwards from ten to one.

  19. Now that you have read the instructions carefully, do only what sentences one and three ask you to do, ignore all other directions.

  20. Please do not give this test away by any comment or explanation.   If you have read this far, pretend that you are still writing.  Let’s see how many persons really follow directions correctly.