Someone Chanted Evening

Someone Chanted Evening

Cast:  Monks (as many as you want), Friar

Props:  Blanket and rope for cassocks.

Friar:  Good morning everyone.

Monks:  Good morning.

Friar:  For our morning prayer, we are going to practice chanting.  All together now, repeat after me: (chanting) morning, morning, morning.

Monks:  (Rather raggedly)  Morning, morning, morning.

Friar:  Not bad, but we need to get more feeling and rhythm into it.  Let’s try again.  ( A couple more attempts are made, each one better, then on the third try it sounds excellent, but one Monk chants loud and clear, “Evening, Evening!)

Friar:  Cub, Cut!  What was that?

Monk:  What’s wrong Friar?  I thought it sounded good.

Friar:  (Breaking into song)  SOMEONE CHANTED EVENING!!