Water Games Shark Tag

Water Games Shark Tag –

Play this game in waist-to-chest-deep water.  The boys line up on one side of the pool.  “It” is about 20 feet in front of them.  When he yells “Shark”, all players swim of walk to the other side while “It” tries to tag them.  Those who are tagged join “It” in trying to tag the others.  The last player tagged is the winner. Steal The Turtle – Play in waist-to-chest-deep water.  Divide boys into two equal teams that line up facing each other 20 feet apart.  Each team member is given a number.  A leader tosses a large rubber ball in the middle of the play area and calls out a number.  The opposing players with that number race for the ball.  The player who gets it and returns to his place without being tagged by the opposing player scores one point.  When both boys are back at their places, the leader calls out another number.  For a real scramble, call all numbers at once.