Cast:  Dragon (with head of boy and as many body pieces as you need for the correct number of boys in the den, finishing with a tail piece), Sir Cub Scout.
Props:  Cardboard brushes, sword, flames, feather (large), marshmallow or hot dog, red sock.
Setting:  Dragon comes on stage.  Head boy sticks red-socked hand out of mouth occasionally as if fire is shooting out.

Dragon:  Ahhhhh Choooo…(as dragon sneezes throw red colored tissue paper on fake bush as if it had caught on fire, do this a couple of times.)

Sir Cub:  Now cut that out.  Dragon, prepare to be slayed.

Dragon:  Sir Cub Scout, why are you going to slay me?  I’m a peaceful dragon.  I have done you no harm.

Sir Cub:  No harm!  What do you call all these burning bushes?  You are destroying the king’s forest.  I promised the king I would take care of you, and that’s just what I’m going to do.

Dragon:  But, you don’t understand.  It’s not my fault.  I just can’t stop sneezing, maybe you can take care of me another way?

Sir Cub:  (Reaches into dragon nose and pulls out a feather).  Here is the problem, no wonder you couldn’t stop sneezing.  But, in order to satisfy the king we must find something useful for you to do.

Dragon:  What can I do?  Being a dragon is all I know.

Sir Cub:  I have an idea.  (Pulls out the hotdog and puts it on a stick and holds it in from of the dragon) Now blow on this, you can be the king’s personal cook.  His favorite food is charcoal broiled hotdogs.