Halloween Story

Halloween Story

This can be used at a den or pack meeting.  If using at the pack meeting, keep the boys in regular seats, have the boys shut their eyes tightly – PUT THEM ON THEIR HONOR – station the Den Leaders at the front of each den and the Assistant Den Leaders at the end of the den.  The Den Leader hold all body parts in a container and starts them around the den at the appropriate time.  The Assistant Den Leader makes sure she is the last person to get each gooey part.  Parents will enjoy watching.  Boy also enjoy watching parents go through it.
A haggard witch on Halloween
Went riding on her broom.
Her old black cat she took along,
And speeded through the gloom.

She told the cat to sit behind,
But not behind to far,
He disobeyed and soon he fell
From off the broom-stick car.

Then as he fell, he cried aloud
Repenting, but in vain.
Although ’tis said he lost his head
He only lost his brain.  (Pass peeled plum or wet sponge)

Then as he fell and creamed and cried
He could no more bequeath,
A landing place for him to rest
Instead he lost his teeth.  (Pass popcorn seeds)

On down he fell between the stars
The disobedient cur.
He struck a star and left behind
A bloody patch of fur.  (Pass wet cotton)

At this he grew more frightened still
And though it was not wise,
He clawed himself and gnawed himself
And scratched out both his eyes.  (Pass peeled grapes)

Down towards the Earth he quickly came,
With life he soon must part.
He saw the error of his ways
And lost his hope and heart.  (Pass raw liver or canned peach half)

To Earth he crashed, the willful cat,
But little now remains.
The sexton cam to bury him
And found his lungs and veins.  (Pass cooked spaghetti)
He looked around the gruesome spot.
The tale is nearly done.
The lungs and veins he found, and last
He found the skeleton.  (Pass twigs)