How Big

How Big

Characters: Den Leader, any number of Cub Scouts with presents.
Setting: Den Leader is standing on stage. If desired, a decorated Christmas tree may be used as backdrop. Boys enter one at a time.

First boy: Merry Christmas, Mrs. ____________. I brought you something. (Hands her a box.)
Den Leader: That’s very nice, Bill, but there was no need….
Second Boy: Hi, Mrs. ______________, look at the present I brought you. (Hands her a bigger box.)
Den Leader: Well, Bob…..
Third Boy: (Rushes in) Here’s a present, Mrs. ________________. Boy, it’s heavy!
Den Leader: Well, Tom … what a surprise. You really didn’t have to…
Fourth Boy: (Rushes in carrying box almost too large to handle) Look what I have! Boy, are you going to like it!
Den Leader: Oh dear! Boys…

Fifth Boy: (Pushing box across floor…too heavy to carry) Here’s a Christmas gift from me, Mrs. __________ It’s really neat!
Den Leader: My Goodness…
Sixth Boy: (Pulling a wagon on which is a box much too large to carry.) Wait till you see this one! I really spent a lot of money!
Den Leader: Boys, you are all very kind. But I think we should have a talk about all this. Where’s Jim?
First Boy: He’s coming. I don’t know what is taking him so long. He doesn’t have a very big gift. In fact, I didn’t see him carrying anything.
Second Boy: Here he is now. (Jim enters.)
Jim: Sorry I’m late for the meeting, Mrs. _______. I stayed after school to finish your Christmas present.

Third Boy: I don’t see a present. Look at all the BIG presents we brought. I can’t even see yours. (Smirks.)
Jim: Mine isn’t very large, Mrs. ________, but I hope you’ll like it. It’s a poem.
All: What a present! (Lots of Laughing.)
Den Leader: May I see it, Jim. (He hands her the paper and she reads:)

I have no money, so I guess I’m poor
But I have friends, that is for sure.
I have no money so I couldn’t buy
The things I’d like, though Christmas is nigh.
I have no money, but I don’t care
Cause I have you, with whom to share
A happy Christmas Season.
I have no money, so I was sad;
But I looked around, and I was glad.
The things I have are worth a lot;
Some kids don’t have the things I got.
I have my dad, I have my mom,
I have my dog he loves me some.
And in my den I’ve learned to share.
Not things or money, but love and care.
For each of you I wish as much,
That you’ll each know the work of such,
As family, friends and all the things
That last when Christmas gifts are gone.