Keep America Beautiful

Setting:  Flowers and grass wave gently in the breeze.  Litter-bug stands at left, laughing and throwing soda can on flower, pop bottle on flower, candy wrapper on grass, etc.

Flower:  Oh, what hit me?  My petals are bruised and crushed.

Grass:  You should complain!  They buried me.

Soda Can:  You think I like being thrown around?  I could be recycled for cash!

Pop Bottle:  Does anyone realize my potential?  I’m returnable.

Litterbug:  (Laughs)  I love a dirty America!  I love a dirty world around us.  UGLY, UGLY, UGLY!!

Candy Wrapper:  Just look at me.  I was meant to be so sweet and bring such a lot of happiness.

Cub Scout (sees litter – Trash Can sleeping)  Wake up Trash Can.  Litterbug was here.

Trash Can:  Help, help.  You’d think I was on a diet, no one is feeding me.  All I ever do is wait.  I’ve tried everything.  I’ve even flipped my lid.

Cub Scout:  People have got to realize that this is one bug RAID won’t get rid of.  PUBLIC CONCERN and RESPONSIBLE ACTION are the only pesticides that will work on this one!  I’ll start helping right now to eliminate that old litterbug.

Litterbug:  Foiled again!  (Cub Scout picks up litter)

Grass:  Lots of adults help the litterbug so much.  Are they too old to be Cub Scouts?

Cub Scout:  No one is either too old or too young to do his part in keeping the world around us clean and beautiful.  This is the duty and privilege of every American.

– Crossroads of America, 1992