Snow White And The Seven Cub Scouts

Snow White And The Seven Cub Scouts

Cast:  Narrator, Snow White, Seven Cubs, Wicked Queen, Prince

Narrator:  This is the story of Snow White and the seven Cub Scouts.  Before I begin the story, I’d like to introduce the main characters.  First, we have Snow White.  (Boy playing Snow White enters).  Whenever I read the name, Snow White, you say, “AH” (Practice this a few times).  Also in our cast is Prince.  (Prince enters).  Whenever I read the Prince’s name you say “TAH-DAH!”  (Practice)  And finally, there is the Wicked Queen.  (Queen enters)  When I say Queen, you say “BOO, HISS!”  Ready?  Okay, I think we’re ready to start.

Narrator:  Once there was a wicked old QUEEN who asked her looking glass who was the fairest Den Leader of them all.  It said “SNOW WHITE.”  This made the Queen so mad that she gave SNOW WHITE a poisoned pizza, and SNOW WHITE fell ill in the woods.

Snow White:  Oh, Pizza Poison!  (She falls to the ground)

Narrator:  But she was rescued and cured by seven little Cub Scouts who were working on their Wolf badge.

Cub Scouts:  (Enter singing).  “A Cubbing we will go, a Cubbing we will go….”  (Boys find Snow White and mime curing her)

Narrator:  SNOW WHITE took care of the Cub Scout den and also made them liver Jell-O and monkey soup on all their cookouts….

Cub Scouts:  Boy do we like liver Jell-O and monkey soup.

Narrator:  For the next two years SNOW WHITE took care of the Cub Scouts.  Then a handsome PRINCE came riding along on his bike, and saw….SNOW WHITE.

Prince:  What a doll!

Narrator:  …and fell head over tongue…

Prince:  Uh, uh.

Narrator:  …in love with her.  The PRINCE married SNOW WHITE at once and took her to live in his tall pole office: the Princetallpole’s (principal’s) office, you know.  Anyway, SNOW WHITE became his princess, the  PRINCE became the boys’ new WEBELOS Leader, and the WICKED QUEEN got so angry that she disappeared in a puff of Kleenex.

Wicked Queen:  Ah, choo!