Thanksgiving Sparkler

Thanksgiving Sparkler

FATHER:  “When I was your age, son
CUB SCOUT:  “Do your best”
CAR:  Chuga, chuga, chuga
FARMER:  “Where’s my horse?”
TURKEY:  “Gobble, gobble, gobble”

Once upon a time, just before Thanksgiving, a FATHER, a mother, and a CUB SCOUT climbed into the family CAR and drove into the country.  They were looking a FARMER with a TURKEY that they could buy for their Thanksgiving dinner.

As they drove down the road in their CAR, they saw a FARMER standing in a yard with a TURKEY.  Turning into the yard, the FATHER stopped the CAR near the FARMER and the TURKEY.  They got out of the CAR and the FATHER purchased the TURKEY from the FARMER.  “Now, if you will remove the TURKEY’S head, we will get into the CAR and drive home” said the FATHER to the FARMER.

As the FATHER, the mother, and the CUB SCOUT were riding home in the CAR an amazing thing happened!  The TURKEY, although its head had been removed by the FARMER, began to speak!  “Please don’t eat me for Thanksgiving,” the TURKEY pleaded.  “I WILL MAKE A FINE PET FOR YOU,” he told the CUB SCOUT.  The FATHER, the Mother, and the CUB SCOUT talked about this astounding request as they rode home in the CAR.

And so it happened that the TURKEY joined the FATHER, the Mother, and the CUB SCOUT in their Thanksgiving dinner of hamburgers and French fries.  The TURKEY became a very good pet as it did chase CARS, or cats, fire hydrants.  The FATHER enrolled the TURKEY at the University of Kansas, because, with a good education, it is much easier to get a head.

-Southeastern Massachusetts Cluster Council Pow Wow 1997