The Den Leader’s Bouquet

Cast:  6 Cub Scouts
Props:  Bouquet of “ivy”
Setting:  A nature walk

Cub#1:  Gee fellas, I don’t think Mrs. _____ is having a good time.

Cub #2:  Well, you didn’t help things much, giving her that garter snake.

Cub #3:  I was just trying to help her collect stuff for out nature display at the pack meeting.

Cub #4:  Yeah…and you heard what she said!  “Nothing ever again that moves by itself”

Cub #3:  So…now I know better!

Cub #5:  Don’t worry about a thing, you guys.  I’m going to fix everything.

Cub #6:  Yeah, how?

Cub #5:  Well, you know how nutty she is about flowers?  So I picked her this neat bunch of flowers (holds up bouquet with trailing strands of ivy)…see

Cub #6:  Oh no…(wails)  We’ll never get to go on another hike.

Cub #5:  How come?

Cub #6:  Cause…that’s poison ivy!!!

All Cubs:  OH NO (in loud disgusted voices and run off the stage leaving Cub #5 on stage holding the bouquet of “flowers”.  He drops it, starts to scratch and also runs off stage).