Alice, where are you going?  “Upstairs to take a bath”.
Alice has legs like toothpicks,
And a neck like a fir-raf-raf-raf-raf-raf-raf.
Alice steps in the bathtub. (Splash!)
Alice pulls out the plug.  (Make a “POP” sound with mouth.)
Oh my goodness, oh my soul
There goes Alice down the hole.
Into the sewer, sewer, sewer.
Not the sewer runs just three blocks northeast of Jones Junior High
Three cheers for Jones Junior High
It’s the best Junior High in Toledo.
It’s colors are purple and white….
The purple is for loyalty.
The white is for the fight, fight, fight.
For Jones Junior High I would die.  Bang!
(Go back to the beginning, decreasing the number of blocks from the junior high to the sewer.)

-Crossroads of America, 1992