The Litter Bug

Paper – “Crackle, Crackle”
Cans – “Clatter, Clatter”
Trash – “To the dump!”
Litterbug – “Toss and throw”

God put bugs in this world for many a reason.
He made them to live in every kind of season.
But the pesky LITTERBUG, with his PAPER and CANS
Was made through neglected TRASH, by the foolish man.
To keep America beautiful, get rid of the LITTERBUG,
So beach goers can, again, lunge on a clean, sandy rug.
because of this pest, we must wallow around
In PAPER and CANS and TRASH all over the ground.
Do you ever really see them toss that PAPER or CAN?
Quite often the LITTERBUG is a sneaky guy.
And at dumping his TRASH, he’s oh, so sly.
So most of the time, it just appears everywhere.
As if it had dropped right out of thin air.
could it be we are so used to throwing things here and there
That we dump that PAPER and CAN without being aware?
Without even thinking, we toss TRASH and waste.
We could be an unconscious LITTERBUG in all of our haste.
So when you unwrap that piece of candy or gum,
Before tossing that CAN, thing of this, chum:
If every single person would take note of his habit,
That pesky LITTERBUG, we could certainly nab it!
Then that terrible bug we would surely stamp out,
With no more PAPER or CANS or TRASH all about.
To keep America beautiful, we must all do our part.
By taking care of our TRASH properly from the start