Winter Songs

Winter Songs

As each part comes along, the group stands and sings the first line of their song.

WINTER:  “Dashing Through The Snow”
SANTA:  “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas”
SLEIGH:  “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening”
REINDEER:  “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Once upon a tune, on a cold, dark WINTER night, SANTA sat in his workshop trying to decide what to do.  His SLEIGH had a broken runner, his elves were behind schedule on toy production, his REINDEER were suffering from lack of exercise and they were weak, and he, SANTA, had a cold.  With Christmas only days away, and the WINTER weather cold, and snowy, SANTA was so depressed.  Rudolph, his most famous REINDEER, was unable to get his nose recharged, so that it barely glowed at all.

In a practice run, the SLEIGH with the broken runner scarcely got off the ground.  With the toys to make, the elves were stopping early to watch the Power Rangers.  “Goodness me!” cried SANTA.  “How will I ever get everything complete by Christmas Eve?”

Out of the cold WINTER night, trudged a cold, hungry old man.  “SANTA,” cried the cold, old, hungry man.   “If you will give me a hot meal and a warm place to sleep, I’ll fix your SLEIGH, cure your REINDEER, fix Rudolph’s nose and get the elves to work faster.”  SANTA quickly agreed.   After they had eaten and a nice night’s sleep, the old man went to work.

First, he plugged the nose of Rudolph, the red-nosed REINDEER into the television set.  This charged Rudolph’s nose so that it glowed more brightly than ever, and it also blew a fuse on the TV set.  This enabled the elves to work later, since they couldn’t watch the Power Rangers.  They quickly caught up to schedule.  In the meantime, the old man used parts of the TV set chassis to fix the runner on the SLEIGH.  The REINDEER, not able to watch TV, began to run in the snow, and quickly regained their strength.  SANTA slept better and got rid of his cold.

Because an old man know the true value of the TV, everything was ready and on December 24th SANTA hitched his REINDEER to the SLEIGH and rode off into the WINTER sky!

-Southeastern Massachusetts Cluster Council Pow Wow 1997