Mother Daughter Activities

Mother Daughter (Fall)

*Sugar Pumpkins – Each Mother and Daughter put the things inside, put them together, and

decorated the outsides. (They look like the Easter Eggs you peek into except they are pumpkins.)

*Slumber Party – Both Mothers and Daughter slept over night. We had dinner. We played the “Dating Game” modified with Mothers and Daughters. We all slept and then had an easy breakfast the next morning.

*Mummies & Her Little Ghouls – A Halloween theme party with dinner and games.

We are having our Mother/daughter date & recognition night tomorrow night. It’s going to be an UN-birthday party. We have let the girls plan it and they’ve come up with games and are even going to play the White elephant game. Having ice cream and cake for refreshments. The girls are decorating and everything. Should be lots of fun… Could also do this with their Dads… Our YW tonight are doing a daddy/daughter date. They are doing a Hawaiian Luau. Sounds fun too… Good luck! Whatever you choose will be great cause the girls just love to be with their dads! —Penny 🙂

Mother/Daughter Questionnaire

I can’t remember whether or not I have already posted this, but someone asked for it once upon a time. I hope someone can still use it! (feel free to change ANY of the questions) We had the daughter fill out the answers for the “mother” to see how well she knew her. The “mother” filled one out for herself and then they compared answers to see who got the most “right”. The whole activity was around apples, i.e.: the invitations, the decorations, the dessert…….have fun! —Vicki

Mom, You Are the Apple of My Eye!!

1} Favorite color
2} Favorite flower
3} Favorite dessert
4} Favorite song
5} Favorite “entree”
6} Favorite place to eat out
7} Favorite “getaway” place
8} Favorite “singer”
9} Favorite movie
10} Favorite book
11} Favorite smell
12} If you had a choice between going to Jerusalem and Hawaii, which would you choose?
13} One of your “pet peeves” in life
14} One of your greatest strengths
15} Which would you rather do…laundry or mop floors?
16} Are you more afraid of spiders or snakes?
17} Would you rather have your back rubbed or a foot massage?
18} Which season of the year do you enjoy most?
19} If you could call someone long distance for free right now who would it be?
20} What is your favorite time of day?


One of the best activities that I’ve done with YW but could be modified for AD girls) is what we called “Miss Purky Pageant”. We gathered old clothes and costumes with lots of accessories. Divided the pile into 3 – 4 bags (it depends on the number of girls in the group). We gave each group a bag and a room to change into. The girls would choose one person from their group and create a character for the pageant. She had to have a name, a country, a hobby, a sport and a talent. We proceeded with having the pageant, judging the pageant and giving prizes. This game was usually followed by treats. The girls had a great time. Even those more reserved and quiet really got into it. It was a great icebreaker and they had a great time. —Doreen


We had a mother daughter activity this year at the first of the year to kick off the new year for Achievement days. WE had it around a football theme and the girls did a little program about all the achievement areas and we served breakfast and handed out a schedule for the year and told some things we were going to do. Then we played a game kind of like pin the tail on the donkey. It was a football goal and the girls tried to get it closes to the goal. It was a fun activity.