This music time is taken by using the poem, *MY FATHER* by: Barbara J. Porter from the Friend magazine in June 1995 page 24. You could also find pictures and laminate them and have a plain father and decorate him, as well.
Items Needed:
Chap stick
Ear muffs/headphones
Have a child come to the front of the class and play the role of father. Not every item has a song attached for time purposes. Take turns picking out the most reverent child and letting them pick the item they think matches watch you say is needed. For example, *My father*s feet will lead me in paths I know are right.* The child will pull out the shoes from the suitcase and the father will put them on. The children will hopefully be listening so they can determine what to pull. Below is a list of songs that I used: The goal is dress the father from head to toe and realize just some of the things a father does.
Shoes: Two Happy Feet: CS: 270
Pants: Hinges: CS: 277
Pillow: No song
Gloves: My dad: CS: 211
Shirt: I Wiggle: CS: 271
Chap Stick: No Song
Ear Muffs/ Headphones: The Dearest Names: CS: 208
Glasses: Daddy*s Homecoming: CS: 210
Scriptures: Love is Spoken Here: CS: 190
Here is what I am doing for music this Sunday.