Christmas Song – Picture a Christmas

I made movements to go along with the song

Vs. 1:
Picture a Stable in Judea
(act like taking a picture then put hands to gether and make like a roof with arms)

Picture a Sacred Silent Night
(act like taking a picture, fold arms and then put a finger to your lips like shhhing people)

And can you hear
(cup your hand to your ear)

The angels near
(sign language for angel which is making like a wing motion)

And See the Star so bright
(hands to eyes and then bring them up and burst like you were making a firework explosion with your hands)

Picture a little baby Jesus
(act like taking a picture and then cradle your arms and then sign for Jesus…pointing to palms where the nails were with your middle finger)

Think of His Life and Words so dear
(point at head then point Heavenword and words do the sign for speaking)

Sing Praise to Him
(pretend to direct music and point Heavenword)

Remember Him
(Point at Head and Heavenword)

As you Picture Chirstmas this year
(act like taking a picture then draw Christmas Tree in air with hands and then spread them out for all)

Vs. 2:
Picture a kind and gentle Joseph
(act like taking a picture then pretend to hold a shepards crook)

Picture the Mother Mary Fair
(act like taking a picture I do the sign for mother and then Jesus again)

And can you see so reverntly
(hands to eyes and then fold arms and bow heads)

The Shepherds kneeling there
(bend down at knees)

then repeat the chorus