Everything I Need to Know…I Learned From Primary Music

Everything I Need to Know…

I Am a Child of God, I Lived in Heaven,
I Know My Father Lives, I Need My Heavenly Father,
Reverence is Love, He Sent His Son,
Jesus Once Was A Little Child,
Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam, Jesus Has Risen,
I Feel My Savior’s Love, I’m Trying to be Like Jesus,
An Angel Came to Joseph Smith, I’ll Follow Him in Faith,
The Priesthood is Restored, Seek the Lord Early,
Follow the Prophet, Love One Another,
Kindness Begins With Me, Keep the Commandments,
I Want to Live the Gospel, I Believe in Being Honest,
I Want to Give the Lord My Tenth,
Choose the Right Way, I Will Follow God’s Plan,
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission,
We’ll Bring the World His Truth,
Families Can Be Together Forever,
I Love to See the Temple, Love is Spoken Here,
When We’re Helping We’re Happy,
We Are Different, I Have Two Little Hands,
Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked,
My Heavenly Father Loves Me
…I Learned From Primary Music