More Singing Time Helps(from Monica)

So here are some picture prompts for the "Picture A Christmas" song in the Children's Songbook. Also, I have files for "Children All Over the World" and "Rain is Falling All Around". For the Rain clipart I cut out each season (rain, wind, snow, leaves, etc) and glued a magnet to the back. I then made a posterboard with each of the words repeated in each verse glued down one side (rooftops, ground, head, etc). I made a slit on opposite ends of the posterboard so I could run a ribbon through them, on which I glued another magnet so the rain/snow/wind/sun could be pulled down from the rooftops, ground, etc. I let the kids help pull the ribbon as everyone sang, which even the older kids loved. These files have all worked really well for our primary, which consists of 24 Sunbeams who don't know many songs! I hope they can be of use to someone else now.....

Monica Theriot

Milwaukee 1st Ward