Music Review Ideas by Anglea
Music Review Ideas by Anglea

Music Review Ideas by Anglea

Music Review Ideas by Anglea

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Christmas Song – Picture a Christmas

I made movements to go along with the song

Vs. 1:
Picture a Stable in Judea
(act like taking a picture then put hands to gether and make like a roof with arms)

Picture a Sacred Silent Night
(act like taking a picture, fold arms and then put a finger to your lips like shhhing people)

And can you hear
(cup your hand to your ear)

The angels near
(sign language for angel which is making like a wing motion)

And See the Star so bright
(hands to eyes and then bring them up and burst like you were making a firework explosion with your hands)

Picture a little baby Jesus
(act like taking a picture and then cradle your arms and then sign for Jesus…pointing to palms where the nails were with your middle finger)

Think of His Life and Words so dear
(point at head then point Heavenword and words do the sign for speaking)

Sing Praise to Him
(pretend to direct music and point Heavenword)

Remember Him
(Point at Head and Heavenword)

As you Picture Chirstmas this year
(act like taking a picture then draw Christmas Tree in air with hands and then spread them out for all)

Vs. 2:
Picture a kind and gentle Joseph
(act like taking a picture then pretend to hold a shepards crook)

Picture the Mother Mary Fair
(act like taking a picture I do the sign for mother and then Jesus again)

And can you see so reverntly
(hands to eyes and then fold arms and bow heads)

The Shepherds kneeling there
(bend down at knees)

then repeat the chorus

I got a large Bulletin Board Decoration that was a Star with a Rainbow coming down (it is very large when put together) I wrote the names of our program songs on some of the stars and each star starts at the bottom. I then have someone (today was a counselor in the bishopric) be the judge and he will move the star up and down as they sing and they want to get the small star up to the Big Star to show they can sing like the stars…if it ends below the star then we know we need to work on it. either words or tune

we also judged on how reverently they sang. I never had such a great singing time as this. Even ALL the sunbeams were singing and the Older kids loved it too. We had a lot of humming from those who did not know the words but that was a BIG step from the 2-3 that sang and the rest that just looked.

I let the ones who sang well get a turn to pick a question…in the cup i had different questions that they had to answer…included the program songs we have learned and some fun songs. Some were questions and others were tell me what song that this phrase goes to. The kids loved it and we had lots of compliments on how well the kids sang!




Juke Box Primary Coin copyHey here is another one!

This was a couple of years ago but I got a bulletin board decoration that was a Juke Box…On the CD’s I put names of Program Songs…I also had some Fun songs but they had to earn the right to choose those.

I put the program songs in one bag and the fun songs in another and they would chose a CD out of the Program bag. Then we again would have some one judge to see how well they sang…could we hear words or mumbles…They will earn Primary coins and it takes 2-4 coins to chose a fun song ( you can include more than just program songs…other songs you are working on…Articles of faith or past program songs just for something different). Once they have the set amount of coins they can spend their money for a fun song.

My kids loved this…I can’t remember now but the Primary President turned around and used the Jukebox for a Sharing Time I think about good and bad things to listen to etc. But not sure. The juke box i have came with funny faces and shades to make it even more fun for the little kids!

To save picture of coin, click on it, then when it opens in another window, right click on picture and save!!



1. Blue’s Clues

I took all the songs and had 3 clues for each song.
I number paws (i would have 4 of one #) ie. for one song
one paw with # 1 would be in a hat to draw so they know which # set they are looking for
then you place all the items in the room that have the numbered paws on them

lets say # 1 is An Angel Came to Joseph Smith

you could have a paw on Gold Plates (picture or some that you might have just for decoration)
and then a # 1 on the Nephites going across the sea
and a # 1 on a a picture of Joseph Smith
and the last # 1 on a set of scriptures or kids reading scriptures.

(chose whatever best represents the songs)

They can find the clues in any order as long as they find the ones with the same # as they drew…they then guess the song and sing it

Sometimes they can guess the song with the first clue but sometimes not…my kids LOVED it and did better than they ever had



2. Growing Hair

This one we had some curly Ribbon cut and curled….The kids sang a song and the Primary Presidency had to listen to determine how well they sang. We had a man who did not have much hair and was a good sport! They earned 1, 2, or 3 pieces of curly ribbon depending on how well they sang the song. They then taped the ribbon to the man’s head giving him Hair…He wore this to Priesthood! the kids loved it and it worked great! and pick out fun colors…it was just after Valentines day so we had Red and Pink ribbon only!



Idea for teaching “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus”

So far Vs 1. I will post Vs 2 & 3 if we get them done before the end of the month but since I had oral surgery and missed and Stake Conference next week I don’t know if we will work on it much this month

I had my Sr primary make up motions and they loved it and learned it.
It is also simple enough for the Jr primary

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
(make book like when singing Book of Mormon stories then point to both
palms with your middle finger (Jesus in ASL))

I Love to Hear
(cross heart with arms and point to ear)

Things I would ask Him to tell me
(I in ASL and then point heavenward, point to mouth and self)

If He were Here
(Point Heavenward again then point to groud as if standing next to you)

Scenes by the wayside
(we just use our hands face up…this kids all cupped their hands and
swayed arms back and forth)

Tales of the Sea
(just like came across the sea in Book of Mormon Stories)

Stories of Jesus
(same as above)

Tell them to me
(same as Tell me).

Ideas for teaching “Home”

These motions were made up by Jr Primary this last Sunday. First time
they tried the song and they had it learned in 5 minutes. I was SOOOO

Home is where the Heart is
(make a point where finger touchand arms come down making a roof, cover
heart (point or make sign for love)

And warmth and love abound
(take hands and wiggle fingers pointing up making a fire and love make
ASL sign for Love)

Home is where warm circling arms Go All the way around
(Home done as before then slowly start hugging yourself till your hands
can’t go any further back).

They really like it!