Tip in finding music on church web site

Tip in finding music on church web site

Hi–I was just called as our Stake Primary Music Leader, and the question came up at our recent training meeting: “Is there a way to go to the Church web site and find the songs that have been published in the Friend without literally searching for hours??”

I found the way to do just that! If you’d like to teach a song (other than the ones in the Songbook) from the Friend, you can download the sheet music by doing the following:

1)go to www.lds.org

2)click “Gospel Library”, select “Church Publications, HTML (text)”

3)Click “Advanced Search”

4)Three choices appear at the top portion of the page: “General Search, Curriculum, Magazines” : click on “Magazines”

5)A page will appear with a list of prompts. Select “the Friend”, then select “All issues that contain music”