Who, What and How (Primary Music Time Idea)
Who, What and How (Primary Music Time Idea)

Who, What and How (Primary Music Time Idea)

Who, What and How (Primary Music Time Idea)music-notes1

Here is a fun idea to help review songs, it can get crazy, so play at your own risk 🙂 (hahaha)

Before Primary, compile 3 lists for each area (Who, what and How), then put each idea from each list on a sprate piece of paper and put all the Who’s in a container, all the What’s in a container and so forth. A little plastic bag works fine too.

Who (for example)- Everyone, Girls, Boys, Teachers or Adults, Anyone wearing a certain color, anyone with Blue eyes, anyone with brown eyes, anyone born in March.

What – List of songs you want to review

How (for example)– Standing on one foot, looking at the ceiling, turn around at look at the back of the room. Sing while you pat your head and rub your stomach.

Make sure you label each bag.

Then at Primary call up 3 helpers, have each one pick out one slip of paper from each, they can then read what the primary is going to do.

For example, they might pick out:

WHO – All primary teachers

WHAT– Book of Mormon Stories

HOW – Standing on one foot.

After you sing then call 3 more helps up and do it again.

If you want to save time and a little craziness, just pick the songs out yourself, the kids still get the effect and love to hear who is singing, what they are singing and how they are singing!

Have fun