Interactive Book of Mormon for Children ( link to other site and costs $$)

These link leaves The Idea Door, and takes you to a Etsy shop where a someone sales these!

The BEST Book of Mormon for Kids on the market! No sewing, or hours of coloring. All the hard work is done! Simply print, laminate and attach pieces (Velcro, sticky tack etc.)

My Interactive Book of Mormon is the perfect tool for:
-Family Home Evenings
-Primary Lessons
-Sacrament Mtg.
-Family Fun

Your family will learn the stories of the Book of Mormon in a fun interactive way. Each page tells the story of the Prophets from the Book of Mormon in chronological order, while giving fun ways for your children to remember the key concept of each story. They will help Nephi build a boat, help Alma hide from Noah’s servants, help Ammon cut off the arms of the robbers and so much more! It’s a great LDS Quiet Book!

This Book of Mormon for Children is a PDF that you can print and create for your own family. There are 9 stories in Volume 1:

1. Lehi’s Family Leaves Jerusalem
2. Nephi and The Brass Plates
3. Nephi Builds a Ship
4. Enos Prays All Day
5. King Benjamin
6. King Noah and Abinadi
7. Alma Teaches the Nephites
8. Alma The Younger and The Sons of Mosiah
9. Ammon & King Lamoni’s Sheep