Items Needed: Piece of pipe about a foot in length, stopwatch, paper and pencil, two large boxes (refrigerator and stove*decorated as described below), cups of water for each child, blanket, slip-n-slide (with water source), three orange cones (optional), a tree in the vicinity, bowl of green grapes, signs with instructions on them at each point of the obstacle course.
I put signs at each stop on the obstacle course that told the child what to do. The child was given the iron rod (pipe) that he/she was to hold on to throughout the whole course. There were several adults helping the children along the course (reading signs, making sure they did what they were supposed to do, etc.).
Each child was timed with a stopwatch (I kept track of which children were from Jr. and which were from Sr. Primary to have a winner from each group). I announced the quickest children out of each group at the end of the activity. You could have a boy and girl winner from each group if you*d like. They didn*t win anything, just the satisfaction of being fastest.
Obstacle Course Signs (explanation of each stop on the obstacle course is in parenthesis):
Don*t get lost in the *Mist of Darkness* (I got a refrigerator box which I covered with black plastic*the kind that is used under rocks when landscaping. The children crawled through this).
Avoid the *filthy fountain* drink this clean water (I had small Dixie cups pre-filled with water that they were to drink).
Run around the *Great and Spacious Building* 3 times (Another large box*decorated with windows and people pointing that stood straight up. The children ran around the *building* three times).
Rest for the weary*Lay down and count to 10 (I had a blanket on the ground that the children were to lay on and count to ten).
Slide through the *river of water* (Slip-n-slide with water going through it*Sign was next to it with the instruction).
Hop on one foot around the 3 cones (Not necessary, but made the race a little more fun/challenging*I just used three soccer-type orange cones).
Touch the *Tree of Life* (Sign was attached to a tree).
Eat a piece of fruit from the *Tree of Life* (Bowl of white/green grapes).