Stake Leadership Training


We just had a hugely successful Stake Leadership Training Day and would like to share the idea with others.

We all know that sometimes serving in Primary or getting people to accept callings in Primary is very difficult. Our Presidency and the Stake feel very strongly that only the best of the ward should be serving in Primary.


We used lots of signs and pictures of electrical outlets and connections for invitations and visual aides.

Our whole theme was based on this idea of connections. We must first all ‘connect to the Spirit’, connect to the Priesthood, then the ward presidencies connect to the teachers, the teachers to the children. The Stake leaders are responsible to connect to the Priesthood, Stake Leaders to Ward Leaders. It all works in one big circle really but we all must be “plugged in” or connected to the spirit to make any of it work and be worth it. In a talk by Elder Pedersen I read where he compared our connection to the spirit and the Savior and Heavenly Father like an electrical Connection. We may have a perfectly wonderful appliance, lamp, stereo, etc but it is basically worthless without the essential cord (Holy Ghost) and vital plug (Jesus and Heavenly Father). (just a note, we can find Elders Pedersen talk, so I can not help you with that talk)

Our first talk was from “Priscilla Primary who had a Pampered Chef Perfect Primary Party’ with her apron and much needed appliances. She referenced each appliance with an analogy (i.e. waffle iron was all things pressing and letting the Priesthood be aware of the pressing issues and callings that needed to be filled, the popcorn popper for popping out all of those wonderful and spiritually uplifting sharing times and activities, etc.) at the end of the party she noted that all of the appliances must be “plugged in” for them to work properly and be of worth to the children.

Our Stake High Council Primary Advisor gave a talk about being connected to the Priesthood. The Primary is a Priesthood Auxiliary and we as presidencies help to administer that program. We need to have close working relationships. We must ensure regular meetings, communicate often, follow up, remind them of their visits to Primary, ensure that they support you to call the most righteous and dedicated teachers.

Then we talked at length about connecting to the children and their families, especially in reactivation efforts. (great church Primary Training Video that we used to supplement this part)

Anyway, If needed I hope that you can gather the gist of this. It was a great training session!

Andrea Hamblin

Stake Primary President

Kaiserslautern Military Stake

Kaiserlautern Germany