Shared by Kim Hardy of Whitaker 1st Ward Chubbuck ID

I had a great music time a couple weeks ago and thought I would share…..

I went during the week and took pictures of 5 different dads in the ward. I printed them off as 5 X 7. When music time began, I held one picture up and asked if anyone knew who this man was. Their child immediately raised their hands and said it was their dad. Then I had them come up and hold up their dad’s picture and we moved onto the next picture of a Dad and so on. Once we had all the dads claimed, I asked those standing in front to imagine that they were going on a trip and their mom wasn’t there to help them. I asked them if they thought that their dad would sit on the couch and say to them, “Hope you have everything you need” “good luck getting to where you are going!” “hope someone is there when you get there” “Don’t know what you are going to be doing there, but I hope that you survive!” They shook their heads no and I walked by each of them and as I took their picture of their Dad, I said, I know that this Dad wouldn’t do that, I know THIS dad wouldn’t do that, etc until I had all the pictures (I needed them for the SR Primary singing time!) I asked the children to sit down and then I Said, Neither would your Heavenly Father. Then I had some printouts of the words to I am a Child Of God and as I put up the first visual I said, each of you are a Child of God and he is your Father And he sent you on a Journey. I put up the next visual and said that he gave us each an earthly home, he knew right where we were going and made sure that we got there and that someone would be there to take care of us. I put up the next visual and said that he gave us parents to provide for us who are supposed to lead us and guide (Next visual) and help us find our way back to him (Next visual) they are supposed to teach us all that we need to know so that we CAN live with him once more. We talked through each verse of the song and how it related to them and what the word really were saying about them. before we sang through the song I said to the children that I knew that they knew this song, but now, I wanted them to THINK about the song and also FEEL what the song is supposed to teach us. We sang through the song and the spirit was so strong. I was an amazing singing time with a song that some of the children might think is over sung. I am so glad that it is part of the curriculum for this year.