“We had four brethren from the Ward come dressed as heroes from the scriptures: Moses, Noah, David, and Daniel, to speak to the children about the situations they faced. They emphasized that they were ordinary people just like us; what made them heroes was the choices they made. They told the children they could be heroes too. Then the children rotated through 4 stations, each with one craft and one physical activity. Moses’ station included a large maze taped to the floor (the Israelites wandering in the wilderness), and a treat to eat–“Camel Lips”–made of two apple wedges as lips, pink icing for gums, and miniature marshmallows for teeth. Noah’s station was an old waterbed mattress, “Noah’s ark,” that we filled with air (my vacuum has a place to hook the hose to blow air out); the children took turns lying on the mattress one at a
time while the others around the edge rocked the mattress to give them a “ride on the ark.” The children also made string-spinning thaumotropes, with a picture of an ark on one side and animals on the other. David’s station was a marshmallow sling at a giant cardboard-painted Goliath, and another spinning type toy. At Daniel’s station, the children played the game “Fox and Geese,” a chasing game that we renamed “The Lion’s Den.” One child is the lion and chases to catch the other children. The craft at this station was a lion finger puppet; the children glued fake fur for the mane. Because we have such a large Primary (160 children) we had a fifth station, a butcher paper mural for the children to draw other favorite heroes from the scriptures. The activity was a big hit…especially the ride on “Noah’s Ark!”” LOUISE, CEDAR HILLS, UTAH