Back to School Bash

Thanks to Constance for this great idea!!


We are doing a similar Enrichment in September! First we told the

sisters it was going to be a Back to School Bash! This Sunday, I will

tell them they have all been accepted to Enrichment College and hand out

their schedules:

Health: First Aid Basics
Skills: Improving Memory and Study Habits
P.E.: Mexican Pick-Me-Up Dance
Art: Decorating on a Budget
Social Studies: Getting to Know You Bingo ( Mingle Bingo )
Continuing Education: Idea Fair
Home Economics: Tasty Treats

Our Continuing Ed fair will include handouts for a variety of ideas
(understanding your patriarchal blessing, cleaning tips, school morning
solutions, snack ideas, Enrichment mid-week quilting/cooking classes) as
well as ways the sisters can continue learning outside the classroom.