Music CD to burn

Music CD

We came up with this idea for a gift to give our RS sisters for Christmas, and then I was asked if I could put together a CD with some good music for the Young Women, we did not want to break any copyright laws, so I went looking for “free” songs, of course Sally Deford has a lot, but I wanted to offer more! I found some great ones, and I am sure you can use a lot of these for a RS CD, so here is the list I found. To read about the RS CD click here

Also here is a look at the label I put on the CD and the list of songs which I used, there are TONS to pick from!

1. The Olive Tree
2. To Bring Them to Thee
3. To Those Who Came Before Me
4. Today
5. Walk His Way
6. When We Meet Again
7. I wish I’d Been A Witness
8. Anchor My Soul in Christ
9. Come Unto Christ
10. Created in His Image
11. For Our Day
12. God Is With You
13. Going Home
14. I Will Seek The Lord
15. I Will Stand as a Witness of Christ
16. If the Savior Stood Beside Me
17. My Soul Hungered
18. Our Father’s Plan
19. Savior
20. Search Diligently, Pray Always
21. Strength Beyond My Own

Songs for a Young Women songs:

NOT FREE, but almost: First Sally Deford (remember to make a large amount of copies, you need to buy a license) has some great songs, you can use some of the one’s listed above, and she has a YW sections  (

LDS.ORG Seminary Music: They have a GREAT amount to chose from, you can do a whole CD just from this selection. (,17631,6611-1,00.html) They have great songs, like “The Olive Tree, Today and I will seek the Lord and many more!!!

LDS.ORG Muisc: Of course any Hymns and Primary Songs (,17932,4586-1,00.html) or,17631,7028-1,00.html

such as (they all so have some in Spanish and Português

Young Women Selected Songs—English Music & Voice Music Only Melody Only PDF

A Daughter of My Heavenly Father  MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
A Family Is Forever MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
Circle of Friendship MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
Come Take a Little Hand MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
Faith in Every Footstep MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
How Shall I Live MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
I Know That My Redeemer Lives MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
I Walk by Faith MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
In That Holy Place MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
Learning More of Love MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
Let Me Soar MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
Look Inside MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
To Love, to Serve, to Offer All MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
Walk Tall, You’re a Daughter of God MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF
When Someone Cares MP3 MP3 MP3 PDF

YW Songs -Jenny Phillips: She has one song you can download for free called When We Meet Again  (

Laura Jones: Has two free downloads, Anchor My Soul In Christ and Savior (

Steven Kapp Perry: He has two songs to chose from I Wish I’d Been a Witness and Keeping Sheep (

Hoffman House: They have a few to chose from:“God is With You” , “One Child at a Time” and “It Happens This Way” (