Faux Tiles ( Wooden )
Faux Tiles ( Wooden )

Faux Tiles ( Wooden )

Faux Tiles ( Wooden )Family

These are not tile, they are MDF fiberboard, I love tiles but they are so heavy and I have to order vinyl etc. This is so much easier and CHEAPER and looks good!


This image is sized to a 12 x 12, I was able to print it off at Costco for $2.99

WOOD: Paint the board black, use good old craft paint, the wood is MDF, if you took a 4 x 8 sheet of 1/4″ MDF plywood and cut it to the 12 x 12 size I show in this project, you could get 32 board out of one sheet, which is about $2.20-$3.00  per board.


Mod Podge:


I used the stuff you buy at the craft store, after painting the board black and letting it dry I painted a coat of Mod Podge to the board, then place the photo print on the board (I just eye balled it, but if you worry make some markings before, of where to put the edge of the photo.


I rubbed the photo make sure all the bubbles where out. Then added another coat of Mod Podge.(Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself.)


Let dry and done!!! You could sand the edges a bit if you wanted.

CANVAS: you can buy these has a craft store, use your discount coupon and get a 12 x 12 for
just a few dollars.

You just paint the edges just the same and use Mod Podge to glue it on. To see an image of one on canvas click here Subway Art Printables

I am putting together more 12 x 12 signs, so keep checking back.


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D  C 8488 antq 2 sm

 d  c 8488 black 2 sm
jpgd c 8488 antq 2.jpg17.7 MB jpgd c 8488 black 2.jpg9.95 MB

heaven black sm

 heaven antq sm
jpgheaven black.jpg9.41 MBjpgheaven antq.jpg17.01 MB

kneel ant sm

 kneel black sm
jpgkneel ant.jpg16.28 MBjpgkneel black.jpg8.84 MB

YWYM theme 2013 sm

 jpgywym theme 2013.jpg17.06 MB 
Christ is the center of our home sm 
 jpgchrist is the center of our home.jpg15.98 MB 
Life sm 
 jpglife.jpg15.21 MB 
 jpgfamily.jpg14.71 MB 




fh antique 17 smfh lt antique 2 sm
jpgfh antique 17.jpg14.79 MB jpgfh lt antique 2.jpg15.48 MB
fh cream smfh blue sm
jpgfh cream.jpg8.81 MB jpgfh blue.jpg12.23 MB
 opportunity sm 
 jpgopportunity.jpg13.99 MB