quillowsQuillows are small quilts that have a pocket on the front. The quilt can be folded up into a pillow. They are usually about 4×5 feet, just big enough to wrap around one person. You can stick your feet in the pocket at the bottom.

Materials needed: 2 yards for top (45″ x 72″) 2 yards for bottom (45″ x 72″) 18″ square for 1 side of pillow 18″ square for 2nd side of pillow 45″ x 72″ batting. The Quilt:

1. Place top and bottom right sides together.

2. Put batting on top.

3. Sew along all four edges, leaving a 6-8″ opening.

4. Turn right side out.

5. Sew opening closed.

6. Topstitch along edges (a walking foot really helps for this). 7. Quilt or tie as desired. The pillow-pocket:

1. Place squares right sides together.

2. Put batting on top.

3. Sew on all edges, leaving a 6″ opening. Turn.

4. Sew opening closed.

5. Topstitch along edges.

6. Quilt or tie. Attaching pocket to quilt: 1. Find the center of a short side of the top. Mark with pin.

2. Find the bottom center of the pillow’s front. Match it to the pin. Pin in place.

3. Sew the pocket to the quilt.

4. Again, a walking foot is really helpful but not essential.

5. Your quillow is done.

How to fold: – The hard part is folding it:

1. Turn the quillow over, so that the pocket is on the bottom. 2. Fold lengthwise into thirds, overlapping if necessary.

3. Now, turn the pocket portion inside out. It will look like a folded quilt is spilling out of the pocket.

4. Fold the spilled-out part into thirds, toward the pocket. 5. Grab the furthest-most portion of the spill-out, and push it into the pocket. Now it looks like a pillow.

Here is another set of instructions, clikc here