Temple Paper Molds

I know that Betty’s Crafts in Layton Utah carries them. They used to rent them out or you could purchase them.  They also have the paper and the additive.  You could call them to see if they would ship it to you.

Their phone number is 801-544-1396.  Their address is: 132 S. Fort Lane, Layton, UT 84041

To make the molds:
Tear the “special” paper into pieces and place in your blender.  (This will not harm your blender)  Add the paper additive and water.  Puree until mushy.  Spray mold with a little Pam or cooking spray.  (Not too much or your cast will yellow a little from the oil.)  Add paper mixture to the mold.  Using your hands and towels, push paper into mold crevices and push out excess water.  I would have plenty of paper towels on hand.  The more
water you are able to get out of the mold and the hard the paper is pressed into the crevice, the better the outline of the temple.  Microwave the mold for a few minutes. Follow the directions on the paper package.  Using a knife, lift the cast out of the mold.  (It will be very hot)  If the shape isn’t the way you like it, you can toss the cast back into the blender and start over.  You may need to add more water.

You can place the cast on a mat or in a shadow box for display.  You can also color the casts with chalk or add embellishments to the mat, like a doily or pearls and beads.

Just a tip, It does take a few minutes to push the water out of the cast and to cook each cast, especially if the girls get picky on how theirs should look.  I would recommend having more than one mold if you have a large group.  I would also have another temple type activity for the girls not working on their mold.  Otherwise it could get a little chaotic with the girls having nothing to do and only one girl at a time doing the mold.

Good Luck, Jennie

This is a website that explains how to make handcast paper items.
I bought Salt Lake Temple molds at Mormon Handicraft a few years ago – they
might still have them.
Good Luck,

We used TP–yes, T.P.!  Just put some in a blender, cover with water and
mix until pulpy!  Then you pour the slush into the mold, cover with a
dishcloth, drain out any excess water.  Then pop it into the microwave for
about 3 minutes.  It is very easy…it’s just kinda hard to make a lot of
them at once–you need blenders and microwaves!  We did a Temple
questionnaire as we worked, so the girls at the table, waiting their turns,
had something to focus on.
Hope this helps!