Wood Plaques – (cute, easy and cheap idea)
Wood Plaques – (cute, easy and cheap idea)

Wood Plaques – (cute, easy and cheap idea)

Wood Plaques


We found this cute, easy and cheap idea at a site call Sassy Sites! They printed images at Costco and then mod podged them on to a wood.

She has 3 pictures the AZ temple, a Picture of Pres Monson and one of Christ, BUT I do believe the picture of Christ is Copyrighted so you really should not copy it.

Either way are doing these plaques at our Fabulous Friday this year,with the first 2 pictures but we wanted a few other options so I made up a few more!

You can get the image of Pres Monson without words at this link http://www.therachelberryblog.com/2011/02/hold-emails-please.html

Here is what she said:

They painted their plaques (I bought a sheet of MDF at Home Depot and cut and routered the edges myself) black and mod podged the pictures on… way easy and WAY cute!! I found the easels HERE for just $1.00! (you will need a tax ID# to purchase from this site)


I really think the thing that makes them so cute are having the easel to go with them.

For those that dont have a tax ID number, here are some other options.

Ok I found an easel a little smaller, also a little cheaper.

The ones she bought were:

5.5″h x 3.75″w x 3.75″d
These are
  • 3 inches wide, at widest point
  • 4 1/2 inches high
  • http://factorydirectcraft.com/catalog/products/2293-24580-box_of_12_black_metal_scroll_mini_plate_stand_easels.html

    I just ordered some and I will let you know!!!

    Also, I was not sure what size the wood was, I am thinking looking at it that they are made for a 4 x 6 image, at Hobby Lobby they have a wooden plaque with a routed edge for only 99 cents. I the images I offer have a high enough resolution (3720 x 2520) for a larger then 4 x 6 print, BUT they are sized for 4 x 6 print, so they will need to be trimed up a bit if you are printing in a 5 x 7 size.


    MORE IDEAS COMING- I am thinking some CTR, and Child of God

    Also there are a images on this site that could work, YW handouts with quotes, VT handouts etc, so make sure you you look around.

    You could just go to my download area, and look through that way, it might be the best way.

    DOWNLOADS AREA with other images


    And here are some catogries

    Missionary Images

    You’ll Never Regret a Good Choice

    Temple Pictures

    Seek After Good Things

    Sacred Grove

    Young Women’s — coming

    Primary saying’s

    More Ouotes