Wooden Block Signs – STAND THEME (and more)
Wooden Block Signs – STAND THEME (and more)

Wooden Block Signs – STAND THEME (and more)

Wooden Block Signs – STAND THEME 




I saw this cute idea on Pinterest, and since this year I am cooking at girls camp, I wanted something cute on the tables, I had a bunch of things in my head, and if there were unlimited funds and time available I would go for all that was in my mind. But I just stuck with this idea. EASY AND CHEAP!


The picture to the right on the block can be found at this link


She just made that one print, but I wanted a bunch of different “sayings” and we put prints on both sides of the block. So they can read them from both sides. And with all the different sayings, I am hoping they read a different quote every time they sit down to eat!


I just had these printed as 4 x 6 photos at Costco, then we cut up some wood, painted them black and Mod Podge them on to the wood. Here is a link to more info on doing that Faux Tiles ( Wooden )


Be so happy Be the one

camp theme

jpgBe so happy.jpg2.02 MB jpgBe the one.jpg1.54 MB jpgcamp theme.jpg1010.16 KB
Dare 4 x 6 dr suess quotes 2 hales quote
jpgDare 4 x 6.jpg3.67 MB jpgdr suess quotes 2.jpg2.66 MB jpghales quote.jpg1.94 MB
If you desire to Im a Mormon Wallpaper If you stand 4 x 6
 jpgIf you desire to.jpg1.24 MB  jpgIm a Mormon Wallpaper.jpg2.02 MB  jpgIf you stand 4 x 6.jpg1.96 MB
KEEP CALM KEEP CALM read BoM 3 Keep your heels
 jpgKEEP CALM.jpg622.57 KB  jpgKEEP CALM read BoM 3.jpg2.16 MB  jpgKeep your heels.jpg424.06 KB
Often the Answers Quick to kneel chv Its not hard
 jpgOften the Answers.jpg1.95 MB  jpgQuick to kneel chv.jpg768.51 KB  jpgIts not hard.jpg1.76 MB
Stand 4 LOVE May we be Strengthened 4 x 6
 jpgStand 4.jpg583.98 KB  jpgLOVE.jpg506.04 KB  jpgMay we be Strengthened 4 x 6.jpg4.15 MB
Rise up Stand 2 Stand 3
 jpgRise up.jpg1.29 MB  jpgStand 2.jpg677.22 KB  jpgStand 3.jpg946.01 KB
stand 5 stand 6 stand 7
 jpgstand 5.jpg2.39 MB  jpgstand 6.jpg1.56 MB  jpgstand 7.jpg2.01 MB
Stand Frim What if stand 8
 jpgStand Frim.jpg1.73 MB  jpgWhat if.jpg3.15 MB  jpgstand 8.jpg2.69 MB
You have 4 x 6 The Lord knows who we really are stand 9
 jpgYou have 4 x 6.jpg3.04 MB  jpgThe Lord knows who we really are.jpg1.87 MB  jpgstand 9.jpg2.35 MB
Here are a few larger prints 8 x 10’s  
You have 8x10 If you stand 8x10  
jpgYou have 8×10.jpg6.24 MB jpgIf you stand 8×10.jpg4.48 MB