Service Auction Questionnaire

Name ______________________________ Total Points __________
_____Read the scriptures daily 20 points
_____Walk or exercise faithfully 20 points
_____Take vitamins every day faithfully 20 points
_____Driven downtown in a major city via the freeway in the last year 20 points
_____Had a garden this last year 20 points
_____Ever changed a tire by yourself 20 points
_____Done this month’s or last month’s visiting teaching 10 points
_____Have a family escape plant in case of a fire, earthquake etc. 10 points
_____Made a quilt in the past year 10 points
_____Added to your food storage in the past 3 months 10 points
_____Listened to a friend or family member who needed you 10 points
_____Sat with someone in the hospital in the last year 10 points
_____Taken dinner to someone in the past year 10 points
_____Donated to charity in the past year 10 points
_____Accepted dinner from someone else in the past year 10 points
_____Taken an institute class before 10 points
_____Had family home evening this month or last 10 points
_____Drink 6-8 classes of water a day 10 points
_____Voted in the last election 10 points
_____Attended the last District conference 10 points
_____Taken a vacation with your family or went on a family outing 10 points
_____Tended someone else’s children in the past 2 months 10 points
_____Made a dress or other article of clothing this year 10 points
_____Told someone you loved them today 10 points
_____Called someone to find out how they were doing in the last three days 5 points
_____Youngest child is married 5 points
_____Oldest child still in school 5 points
_____Changed a light bulb yourself in the past year 5 points
_____Read a book in the last 3 months 5 points
_____Your children10 points for every child living in your home, 5 points for
every child living outside your home
_____5 points for every bed you made today
_____10 points if your children made their bed today
_____Age: 18-29 (5 points), 30-45 (10 points), 46-60 (15 points), 61 + (20 points)
_____Lived in Italy: 0-1 years (5 points), 2-3 years (10 points),
4-5 years (15 points), 5+ years (20 points)