Memory Game

Memory Game

If you have heard of the baby shower memory game with the candy bars, it is similar to that.  I have a feeling she wont she i will tell you a bit about it.  cut paper in squares and make pairs of words like
1.  tithing
2.  young women
3.  testimony
4.  exaltation
5.  return missionary
6.  dating
7.  lies
8.  nursery

and so on…. Then try to match a candy bar to it.

1.  payday (pay your tithing first)
2.  sweet tarts (our girls are all sweet hearts)
3.  hot tamales (burning feeling)
4.  score (you win)
5.  big hunk (all the girls wanted to find this match)
6.  kisses (not on the first date though-hehe)
7.  whoppers (big lies)
8.  sugar babies

any way she had 56 cards and gave out 28 candy bars.  When one of the girls found a match, then they would win a candy and we were told what candy bar went with it.  She hung the cards up on a chalk board with numbers on the cards and then you would call out a number and try to make a match (memory game).  The girls loved it and we all had a blast.
1.  baby ruth=women in the scriptures
2.  chocolate wonder ball=liahona
3.  hot tamalis=testimony
4.  whoppers=lies
5.  score=exaltation
6.  m&m=member missionaries
7.  snickers=engagement
8.  goobers=laman and lemual
9.  sweettarts=youngwomen
10. big hunk=returned missionary
11. twix(tricks)=satan
12. tithing=payday
13. 3 musketeers= God head
14. sugar babies=nursery
15. kisses=dating
16. rocky road=civil marriage
17. mission=fruit by the foot(when I have grown a foot or two)
18. jr mints=primary
19. smarties=word of wisdom
20. dum dum suckers= disobedience
21. symphony=mormon tabernacle chior
22. ouch bubble gum (band-aids)=repentance (maybe white chocolate would be good, or care free gum))
23. dove=holy ghost
24. almond “joy”=Temple marriage
25. air head=gossip
26. uno=singles ward
27. oh Henrey=priesthood brethern
28. nerds=peer pressure
29. extreme gum=?
30. hugs=young women leaders
31. choc. stars, star burst=Terestial kingdom
32. moon pie=telestial kingdom
33. sour=bitter cup
34.  mounds=food storage
I tried to come up with the ones I could remember and then added a few.  The best way to do it is to go to the store and read the candies and then just try and tie it into something to do with the gospel.  Maybe take a list of words with you like…

guardian angle
answered prayer
song or sing or hymn
personal progress
home teacher or visiting