Spreadsheet for the Relief rolls and visiting teaching

Spreadsheet for the Relief rolls and visiting teaching


Hi, thought I’d share with you a form that I designed in Excel to help with Relief Society record keeping and reports.

This file is a spreadsheet for the Relief rolls and visiting teaching.  I set this up so that at the first of the year, the names are entered in the first sheet (2009 RS Roll).  These names will appear automatically on the 1st Qtr, 2nd Qtr, 3Qtr, and 4th Qtr sheets.  The 4 Qtr sheets are set up so that they will automatically total the number of sisters attending each week, give a monthly average, and a quarterly average.  You would use the number 1 for attending and the number 0 for not attending.

The Visiting Teaching sheet will have to be entered manually, since the names will not be assigned in alphabetical order.  But, this sheet is also set up to total each month and quarter.

Susan of New York (state not city)

Thanks to Susan, what are great spreadsheet, I am sure many people will be able to use this and it will help them a ton.

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