Relief Society Folders
Relief Society Folders

Relief Society Folders

We use these “Relief Society Folders” for the sisters serving in YW and Primary.  Each week those organizations get a folder to pass around with current papers in it.

We have 5 folders for the year that we rotate through (one for Christmas, and the other four reflect each season).

Each folder has 4 pockets; Lesson Schedule, Announcements, Calendar, and Mini Lesson

The Mini Lesson is “Our Lesson in 30 seconds”.  Our RS teachers are asked to condense their lesson into 30 seconds for our RS folder.  That way the sisters serving in YW and Primary know what we are studying that Sunday.

Friday night I’ll sit down and make sure everything is up to date.  I cut the papers to size and I stuff the folders to be ready for Sunday.

These have been a huge hit in our ward.

Hopefully someone else will be able to use this idea as well.

**Here is a link that shows how to make the basic design we use:

photo1 photo2