Welcome to Relief Society Poem

Welcome to Relief Society Poem

Submitted by Traci Norton:

I am the Relief Society president of a ward in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. This is a poem I wrote for our graduating seniors this year as part of their welcome packet. We give them a manual, bookmark, and picture directory of the sisters. This year we are adding the poem.
Traci Norton

Welcome to Relief Society

Through life’s changes hold onto the beauty and truth

Of each Young Women value you learned in your youth.

Heavenly Father will guide you as your course you chart;

Walk by faith with each footstep, a prayer in your heart.

For it’s your divine nature you’re here to refine;

You’re a daughter of God throughout all your lifetime.

Individual worth is a principle true,

For your sins and your sorrows the Lord bled for you.

In this season of life you’ll continue to seek

Gospel truths, self-improvement and knowledge concrete.

For each choice you’re accountable, though hard to make;

Let your sisters surround you and lend you their strength.

Your excitement through transition years will abound;

With good works you will see that your joy can compound.

With integrity deep in your soul you’ll feel calm,

And be worthy of promptings to guide you along.

With your eye on the temple your virtue is sure,

And the Holy Ghost’s whisperings will lead to its door.

Now in Relief Society charity dwells,

And this value you’ll add to the ones you know well.

It’s the pure love of Christ you’ll devote now to learn,

So that into his arms you may one day return