If – A poem for Visiting Teachers

A poem for Visiting Teachers
If you can love each woman that you visit,
Because she is a mother at home;
If you can find in each a lovely virtue-
Then finding it be sure to pass it on;
If you can disregard the littered parlor
Or dirty dishes that you’re sure to find;
But take your message to the one who lives there
And make her feel you’re friendly, wise and kind.
If you can sympathize where there is sorrow,
Can calm the troubled waters where there’s strife;
If you can make her know that her tomorrows
Hold more than just the struggles of this life;
If you can help wherever help is needed,
Can share with her joys, as well as tears;
If you can leave her one thought or inspiration
For her to carry with her through the years.
If she can confide in you where she’s troubled,
And know that you, her confidence will keep;
If you can help a tired or weary Mother
To make a bed, or rock a child to sleep;
If you can do these things, and all the others
That I am sure are there for you to do,
Yours is a mission not unlike the Master’s
And blessings will be given unto you.