Eternal Visiting Teaching

Eternal Visiting Teaching

RS President:  Welcome


RS President : Harassment Talk – pretend talk on being fed up that no one is doing Visiting Teaching


Announcement: (Over speaker or tape recorder)  We interrupt this Relief Society Meeting to bring you this important message from Zion’s Eternal Visiting Teaching Corporation.


(Zion Reps enter dressed in suit jacket, tie, & dark glasses)


Head Zion Rep: Sisters, is visiting teaching getting you down?  Can’t you get that annoying RS President off your back?


(Give RS President a look)


Is Visiting Teaching interfering with your valuable television & craft time?  WE CAN HELP!


At Zion’s Eternal Visiting Teaching Service, we’ll do your visiting teaching for you!


For a small monthly fee, we will send two of our representatives (Gesture to two women dressed in Sunday Dress standing to the side with name tags smiling & looking “Molly”) to the home of those you’ve been assigned to teach.


At this time our representatives will be coming down the aisles to hand you one of our brochures and a pencil. When everyone has one we will go through it together.


Zion Rep 1: (Go through brochure)


Zion Rep 2: We would briefly at this point like to give you a short demonstration of our Basic, Deluxe, and the Best Value, our Emma Smith package.


This is the Basic Package (Representatives enter home of sister)


VT Rep 1: Good Morning Sister ….. (forgets name)


Sister Johnson: (perturbed)  Johnson!


VT Rep 1: Yes, Johnson, right. Well, hello. How are you today?


Sister Johnson: Oh, I’m fine, I guess. (Looking worn out and tired)


VT Rep 1: Good to hear.

VT Rep 2: And your health?


Sister Johnson: (holding hand over head)   Well, I’ve had a fever & seem to have the crud.


VT Rep 2: Oh, well, it will take its course.


VT Rep 1: How’s your family & husband?


Sister Johnson: We’re doing fine, I suppose.


VT Rep 1: Well good. Take care now and we will see you next month.


(VT Reps leave, Sister Johnson looks confused.)


Zion Rep 2: That was the Basic Package, next we will show you the Deluxe Package.


(VT Reps enter home)


VT Rep 1: Good Morning Sister Johnson, how are you today?


Sister Johnson: Oh, I’m fine, I suppose. (Looking worn out)


VT Rep 1: Well, are you sure? You look a little tired. Have you been sick?


Sister Johnson: Oh, I have a bit of a fever and I just can’t get rid of this flu.


VT Rep 2: Anything we can do to help?


Sister Johnson: No, but thank you girls. I’m sure I’ll be better soon.


VT Rep 2: How is your family?


Sister Johnson: We are good. Allen’s working a lot lately.


VT Rep 2: Uh-huh.


VT Rep 1: Well, we ought to give you the message.


Sister Johnson: Oh, I’m looking forward to hearing it, I love the messages.


VT Rep 2: (hands the message to Sister Johnson)  Must be running, you take care, see you next month.


(Sister Johnson, again looking confused.)


Zion Rep 2: That was the Deluxe package, the next is our best value, the Emma Smith Package.


(Reps enter home with smiling faces, a loaf of homemade bread, and soup.)

VT Rep 1: Hello Sister Johnson, you look lovely today! Are you feeling any better since we called?


Sister Johnson: Thank you girls, no, I’m still under the weather. I just can’t seem to get rid of this flu.


VT Rep 2: Oh, please sit down and rest, we’ll take care of you, no worries with us here!


(VT Rep 1 goes to get soup and bread ready, VT Rep 2 puts lap blanket over Sister Johnson and a cloth over forehead.)


Sister Johnson: Thank you girls, you are always there for me and so wonderful!


VT Rep 2: Let us share this month’s message with you, it is so inspirational.  I’m sure it will lift your spirits today.


(VT Rep 1 returns and begins feeding Sister Johnson)


Sister Johnson: Please, I’d love to hear it!


VT Rep 2: The message is on putting on the whole armor of God.  Sister Mary Ellen Smoot (R.S. General President) said, “It is time to give ourselves to the Master and allow him to lead us into fruitful fields where we can enrich a world filled with darkness and misery.”


In the message it speaks of a woman who found daily spiritual renewal by praying and reading her scriptures before the rest of the family woke up each morning and how it gave her the start she needed to go through her day.  It gave her a renewal of the spirit to conquer whatever came her way that day.


VT Rep 1: I know when I read my scriptures daily it really does renew my spirit and blesses my life.


Sister Johnson: Thank you girls. That was exactly what I needed today. I already feel so much better!


VT Rep 2: Will you be able to come to Enrichment Night? I’d be glad to pick you up!


Sister Johnson: That would be great, it’s nice to have someone to go with.  Just remind me.


VT Rep 1: Is your husband still working a lot?


Sister Johnson: Yes, another week and it should be better though.

VT Rep 1: Can we do anything to help out?


Sister Johnson: No, I’m fine, thank you.

VT Rep 1: Are you sure? We’ll be back with dinner later tonight at least.


VT Rep 2: Do you still have our numbers on your fridge?  Before we leave, let us clean up these dishes.


Sister Johnson: Now girls, you go, I’ll be fine. I will look forward to dinner.


VT Rep 1: We love you, Sister Johnson (hug)


VT Rep 2: Take care now! (hug)


Zion Rep 2: That was the Emma Smith Package, our very best value!

Zion Rep 1: Don’t take our word for it though, we have several testimonials.  Sister Busy.


Sister Testimonial 1: (Busy sister, looking at watch) This is just the greatest service. Visiting Teaching used to be such a hassle. I have so much more time now for my golf lessons and scrapbooking and watercolor classes. I’m just so busy that it is an excellent value! I might even have time to do meals-on-wheels, (looking thoughtful) or perhaps I’ll hire that out too! I just love this service!


Zion Rep 1: Sister Guilty.


Sister Testimonial 2: (Guilty sister, wringing hands) I used to feel so guilty when I’d miss a month, this makes it so much easier, and I have a perfect record now! I’ve hired someone to be the mother to my children, someone to do my canning, and bake bread. These services are so worthwhile! After all, I just try to be perfect!


Head Zion Rep: You have just seen an overview of this powerful service.  Please take the time to go over your forms. Remember the Emma Smith Package is your best value.


We take VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Thank you for your time, we look forward to serving you.

RS President: (Talk on Blessings of Visiting Teaching)


Closing Hymn: As Sisters in Zion