7-up handout about VT
7-up handout about VT

7-up handout about VT

7-Up 7up1

Here is an idea that was sent to me, it is really cute!
At our most recent RS board meeting the presidency gave each sister a
can of 7-Up with the following attached to it:

It might be “SODA” tough but I know you “CAN” do “7-UP” lifting things to improve your gospel knowledge in the next 7 days. Your “THIRST” for knowledge will be quenched and the feeling, like the “CAN”, is “RECYCLABLE”. You “CAN” have it over and over again, as you continue to “UP” lift your gospel knowledge.
The card was attached to the can with a green rubber band, trimmed with lots and lots of silver curling ribbon.
This would make a cute handout for VT, a lesson in RS, etc.
I have put this little saying on to three different layouts that you can attach to the 7 UP, See if you like them!


Click here to pick from 3 different printables to print

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{edocs}/images/Relief Society/vt/7up2.pdf,600,300,{/edocs}

{edocs}/images/Relief Society/vt/7up3.pdf,600,300,{/edocs}