Visiting Teaching Video

I love this video, it is of two visiting teachers being unsuccessful at there calling. This was NOT created by me... see note below about this video.

Originally I was contacted by the maker of this video saying he was having issues with the rights to offer it, but now I see it is up on youtube so to make it easier to download I have made it into a ISO file, which is a file you only need to download then just burn directly to a CD or DVD and it should play in your DVD player, no special software needed. You can download that from the blue button below


      Uploaded by LDSInspiration on Mar 10, 2008

ATTENTION: There have been many request for a downloadable file of this video. I cannot provide that (for bandwidth reasons). But you are welcome to download it yourself and use it however you'd like. I suggest using the site ( to get a clean copy and then convert to DVD if you must, or just play off a laptop.

I get 20-30 requests a week to help with DVD's or copies and I simple cannot keep up with the demand, for this I am sorry. But please use this as you wish.

Our Ward is making more videos which I hope you will enjoy in the future.
This is the "official" version of the ever so popular Visiting Teaching Movie.

I'm so happy that people are able to find inspiration in this video. It has COMPLETELY surpassed my expectations. This was supposed to be a simple video for my ward, but through the power of technology, it is now being seen by Church members around the world.