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First-Sunday Council Meetings

On the first Sunday of each month, elders quorum and Relief Society meetings do not include a lesson taught by a teacher.Instead, elders quorum and Relief Society presidencies lead council meetings. In these first-Sunday council meetings, each elders quorum and Relief Society counsels together about local responsibilities, opportunities, and challenges; learns from each other’s insights and experiences; and plans ways to act on impressions received from the Spirit. These discussions should draw upon relevant scriptures and the teachings of living prophets. (more at LDS.ORG CLICK HERE)


Second- and Third-Sunday Meetings

On the second and third Sundays of each month, elders quorums and Relief Societies will learn from the teachings of Church leaders from the most recent general conference. Emphasis should be given to messages from members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. However, based on local needs and inspiration from the Spirit, any message from the most recent conference may be discussed.

In most cases, the elders quorum or Relief Society presidency will select a conference message to study based on the needs of the members, although the bishop or stake president may give input. Leaders may choose a message related to the topic discussed in a recent first-Sunday council meeting, or they may choose a message on a different topic, based on inspiration from the Spirit.

Leaders and teachers should find ways to encourage members to read the selected message in advance and come prepared to share gospel truths and ideas about how to act on them. The suggested learning activities below, which are based on principles in Teaching in the Savior’s Way, can help members learn from general conference messages.

Fourth-Sunday Meetings

On the fourth Sunday of each month, elders quorums and Relief Societies discuss a topic selected by the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The fourth-Sunday topic will be updated after every general conference. From now until the next general conference, the topic will be “Ministering to Others.” Each month, leaders or teachers may choose to lead discussions on any of the following principles related to ministering.

For additional resources to support discussions about ministering, see and “Ministering Principles” articles in future issues of the Ensign and Liahona.


Past Topics