Christmas Ward Party idea
Christmas Ward Party idea

Christmas Ward Party idea

For many years we have had two different ward parties, a Breakfast with Santa and an Adult Ward dinner, but as life has become crazy we have tried to simplify and I really felt bad that the kids were not getting the spiritual side of Christmas, and we only wanted to have one party, I did not want to give up Santa, but I also wanted the children to remember the true meaning of Christmas, so I combined.

Since we did not have the Breakfast with Santa, we decided to have breakfast for dinner. And the kids love breakfast, no picky eaters at this one! and the men love the Biscuits, Sausage and Gravy!


* White table clothes with green and red toppers (cut up dollar store plastic table clothes for toppers)

Center pieces

* Christmas wrap empty boxes and put in middle of tables
* Have YW make some gingerbread houses (out of graham crackers)
* Fake pine tree’s we were amazed how many people had some of those small tree’s.

We also put a fake Christmas tree up, we added white lights and just tied ribbon on them. Cute easy and we did not have to haul all out Christmas tree decorations to the church. Or get extra one’s if our tree was already up at home. Another time instead of ribbon, I went and bought a couple of yards, no wait I bet they were less then a yard each, of two different cute Christmas fabric and tore it up into small strips and used it for the bows.

We have used garland to drape along the front of the stage, with lights.


* Biscuits’ and Gravy
* Pancakes
* Ham
* Fruit Trays
* Milk
* Orange Juice

you could also do:

* Scones
* Waffles
* Scrambled Eggs
* cold cereal


Here is a poem, mbreakf6y husband and I came up with when we had to change to Breakfast with Santa to an evening event. Please feel free to use it, if you want.

So many signs of Christmas!
We see them everywhere.
Our days are full of craziness
And not much time to spare.
There are many things that we must do,
cooking, shopping and errands too
by the end of the day we stop and ponder…
did I have breakfast? hummm….. I wonder?
But never fear the day’s not done.
Come and join us for holiday fun.

“Breakfast for Dinner” will be served at 6:30pm followed by a short program.
Santa will be joining us from 5:30pm until 6:30pm
We would love for you to invites your neighbors and friends, this can be a great missionary tool!
Please help us by signing up below to bring something and help us with a count of how many are coming!

We had Santa in a whole different room, we set up a Christmas tree, brought in a chair from the foyer and took pictures of each child while they were on his lap.

We also gave out at treat:

Candy cane

Small bag with a few pieces of candy


Since we had Santa there before the meal and program, we needed something for the kids to do while waiting, we did had a craft and coloring pages, no one really wanted to do a craft, but they loved the coloring pages.

Since we had the whole ward at the party, I wanted the program to be SHORT!! Here are two different things we did:

Here is a skit a good friend of mine wrote

True Meaning of Christmas

Another time we took the poem

Davey and The First Christmas

and acted it out, while someone read it! We also added some music!